Basically a devlog

I said I would do a post once a week and doggonit I’m doing it! I realized yesterday that almost seven days passed since the last post and my first reaction was “wow, how do actual professional writers do it?” Time itself decided it was time to be next week and here I am, at the mercy of it.

Jokes aside, it has been an absolute learning experience with Python and Django. Much like when I was learning Bevy, there was an initial phase of “this is confusing and has so many moving parts; how does any human function while working on this?” and then over time I started to think “Okay I want to do these things, so I just need to change this, and this, and this, oh and I gotta remember that. Why doesn’t this work? Oh yeah duh because of this.”

That’s essentially the sound of growth. Anyway, here are the things I recently accomplished so far with creating a sample media posting app in Python and Django:

  • Basic login/logout system
  • Making posts with images
  • Making comments on posts
  • Deleting your own posts
  • Seeing all listed users
  • Seeing user profiles
  • Editing own user profile

Here are the features I plan to add as well:

  • Following users and see only their posts
  • Making reactions on posts (ideally with ajax)
  • Full email authentication
  • Making things look nicer using bootstrap’s layout system
  • Automated testing

There are some additional nice-to-haves like lazy loading and real-time post updates, but we shall see on those. I ideally want to have those things but it won’t be the end of the world if I decide to move on to a newer project by the time I finish adding the things I definitely want to have.

One thing I want to do as well is construct a local Gitlab CI pipeline for the project. This effectively falls under the very broad category of “Automated Testing” that I listed above. The pipeline would ideally run my automated tests, then deploy to some local web server that I have. I’d be using my assortment of raspberry pis for this endeavor. I also want to use the Django unit testing framework as well as Selenium for product level testing. Therefore, “Automated Testing” will most likely take the most time out of the remaining tasks.

Anyway that’s about it. I hope to have at least have the remaining core features done by next week so that I can talk more about them. Thanks for reading and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!