About Me

In short, I play games and write software. Sometimes I partake in art-related endeavors.

In my early existence I played tons of Gmod and even made the map ttt_67th_way as well as its following versions v2 and v3. Gmod is absolutely what got me interested in computer stuff.

For a little while in 2019-2021 (yeah those years) I picked up guitar and ukulele. While I haven’t played them in a while, I still appreciate having done it. Same goes for physical drawing somewhere in that time frame. Though I have picked up physical drawing again recently.

One of my more notable gaming accomplishments is in Rocket League. I reached Grand Champion and have the tags to prove it. Now I play it casually and just sit at champ though.

Anyhow, things aren’t perfect on this site. But I’m proud of them nonetheless. If I focused on being compelling on every single line, I’d never write anything. Therefore, I write. Maybe someone will like it, maybe they won’t. But I do.

That said, thanks for reading!